About Us

About Us

Our company has 2 streams; Dance2bfit which focusses on fitness through dance and Challenge2bfit which focusses on fitness using obstacles and activities. Both streams have been developed specifically for NSW Primary Schools under the PDHPE syllabus while still being a whole lot of fun! Find out more about each stream below.

What is Dance2bfit?

Dance2bfit is an energetic, innovative and fun way to get fit and funky with the latest dance styles to the hottest music tracks.

This is a great program to improve the fitness levels of students while they are having a great time.

Dance2bfit has been developed specifically for NSW Primary Schools under the PDHPE syllabus where students have fun learning a new dance each class.

Professional dance instructors will visit your school once a week to teach the students fun, funky dance moves that will improve coordination and create opportunities for students to gain self esteem and confidence.

Dance2bfit – Leading Choreography

Dance2bfit sets the standard in dance choreography. We proudly stand by our program which has proven success in hundreds of primary schools.

We aim to keep children active and motivated throughout the entire class. Our team is constantly on the hunt for the latest dance moves, music and props to add to our routines to make our classes as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

We can tailor a program to meet your needs.

What is Challenge2bfit?

Challenge2bfit is a Fitness Program that dares to be different. We encourage students to have fun whilst getting FIT and learning new skills on an array of inflatables and equipment.

Challenge2bfit is designed to achieve 70 of the PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes and Indicators incorporating circuit training with a wide variety of age appropriate exercises, sporting equipment and inflatable obstacles each week to develop skills and provide exciting new challenges every session.

Collaborative design of the Program by Peter Taylor, founder of Dance2bfit, Dario Dimakis, owner of Perform Better Fitness and input from Primary School Principals has resulted in a unique and dynamic program full of fun, fitness and results.

Ready for fun?