Early Stage 1 Program

Early Stage 1 (ES1) Program

This program is an exciting introduction to dance for kindergarten. We use uplifting high energy music and encourage children to join in singing the songs as they dance. We aim to develop students coordination and rhythm. Individual and partner dances are taught in this program. A whole body warm up and complete dance routine is taught each class. Half way through the program we review these dances and also review them at the end of the program where the children are assessed.


  • Length of Course: 8, 9 or 10 weeks.
  • 30min per week.
  • Session times are scheduled to meet your needs.
  • Merit certificates for all students.
  • Course documentation provided.
  • Class assessments provided.
  • Free Dance2bfit wristband for each student.


  • Warm Up Dance for each class.
  • A new dance taught each lesson.
  • Review sessions each lesson.
  • Latest moves & music.

PDHPE Outcome DAES1.7

Dance styles taught include:

  • Creative Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Bush Dance

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