Year 6 Farewells/Formals

We can prepare your Stage 3 students for their Yr6 Farewell. We will teach a mixture of partner and party dances and be there to MC/DJ on the night with our disco lights and music.

School Discos

We run structured school discos where all students are encouraged to join in dancing. Dance2bfit will provide an instructor to run the night as MC and DJ.

School Concerts

We have choreographed and provided inexpensive costumes for many whole school concerts with up to 1000 students performing at once. We work with teaching staff to meet their needs.

Dance2bfit Signature Program

Our Dance2bfit Signature Program has been developed specifically for NSW Primary Schools under the PDHPE syllabus where students have fun learning a new dance each class.

School Performances

Students love to perform for their families displaying what they have learnt during the term. We are happy for students to perform Dance2bfit routines at any school events.